takin' care of business

first off, it's groundhog day and google didn't acknowledge it. isn't that odd?

secondly, tally hall in the morning = automatic good mood.

thirdly, i have artwork showing in the sketchbook show in the 4th floor of the hfac. more info on that later. in theory. also, the opening for the illustrators' showcase is tomorrow from 6-9pm. i also have some work there. but you should come to see everyone's work -- i have some pretty great peers.

lastly, i have two items of related business from this morning.

number one: this.

number two: this text exchange --

me: that awkward moment in the hall after you've taken a bite of food then try to mouth-closed smile to acknowledge a passer-by.

mariah: similarly, that awkward moment when a boy asks your name just as you shove a big cookie in your mouth then he stares at you while you chew quickly so you can answer.

[and that was all that was said about it]

conclusion: i really like my friends.

and i'm ever so slightly peeved that google didn't remind me that it was groundhog day. i need to properly celebrate these things, you know....

oh. and i love the picture above. i wish i'd have taken it, but i didn't. it's one of the few chalk-person photos that actually works. and it kinda makes me giggle. it's unrelated, like everything else in this post.

mmkay, that's all.


Reader Riah said...

I'm confident that at some point today Google will realize their error and rectify it.

Also, that kid made me smile.

Thirdly, don't stare at girls-eating-cookies with your unblinking eyes the first time you meet! It's creepy! *shudder*

Jenny said...

Love the post! Love the pic! Google is slacking.