first words back (stolen)

dear blog,

hi there. it's me again. i've missed you (it's been exactly a month since i've posted!) but don't worry...i haven't forgotten about you. it's just hard to both live in AND document life simultaneously. i've been extremely busy and going through both very rough --and super awesome-- times.

new york was amazing, blog, and i'm back home now. as expected, i didn't post nearly as often as i'd like to. on the other hand, it's good, because i was enjoying all the time i could while i was there. i decided i'll still post a ton of entries about new york (i have about a dozen new york drafts that are half- or all-written, just lacking pictures).

but in the meantime i'll probably post things that i just feel like posting, too, so i don't feel trapped in constantly being behind.

like this:

the words aren't even mine, and neither is the image. but i'm glad ms. roosevelt said it and someone created something about it.


so...you never know what'll happen and we'll just go with it. hope that's okay. but i hope you know i'm not forgetting about you. i'll catch up soon. new york adventures (and then some back-home stuff) to come!

...you know. the one who creates you.