fun with fruit

nothin' fancy here. yesterday in bethanne's class, she challenged us to use different media than we usually do to make 3 apples, then to implement that into our color studies for our backgrouds...for our characters we designed. man. i really need to catch you all up with this semester....
you can't really tell, but the texture was pretty fun-- layered pastel on top of gouache. i do hope i will have time to post more later. i promise there really is some decent stuff coming. : )

bottom line is, i'm so pressured with having to do "good work", that i forget it's fun to just experiment. not for any assignment or project, but just to sit down and experiment. you should try that, too...in whatever aspect you relate with. free your mind and just forget the rules. it's liberating. i think i will try crayons next....


change something?

contrary to possible belief, i'm still alive. barely. and i have SO much to write about. later. this semester, school decided to take over my life.

no, really. my. entire. life.

true story.

it's actually been a pretty rough few weeks. sickness, stress, and frustration has somehow sneaked their nasty little selves into my life (and they won't leave me alone, the meanies). however, i just have to keep remembering this:

however, at times i want to just punch something (thing, not someone) just to get the energy of frustration out, then move on. and i think that occasionally, that's okay too. i guess that's what running is for. :]

ps, i found the image on the website of a company who e-mailed me, asking me to apply to be one of their networked freelance graphic designers......??