i finally felt enthusiastic


[and i hear it's the ONLY tour for this one...so you'd better brush up on the hall and mark your calendars]


something and nothing

you know that feeling when something takes you by surprise and just sends your heart plummeting to the bottom of your stomach?

do you ever feel like running away because everything in your being looks and feels like this: fdaklfjdals;ejriwoapfjFDADFjfkd;jakfl;dJKD;K......d??!  ...  . ? 

and you can't run away because you know when you come back, it'll all still be there...so you just run in circles til you're dizzy.. to just...distract yourself?

yeah. me too. 


"...and what of the pieces that don't fit into the pocket's puzzles? 
they are some of my favorites."

she was, indeed, a proud little flower.


rooftop concert? yes please.

{{editor's note: here at warm fuzzies, we pride ourselves on our thorough posts. but this time, we just kind of went... ...*meh*.  but.  there will be videos of the concert coming soon. two of them. maybe tomorrow. the author is...a pretty impatient person sometimes and just wanted to post this now cuz she wrote it, well, last week. so check back. :) }}

remember how i used to write concert reviews? yeah. me too...barely. i have LOTS of them stuffed away in my drafts folder. i'll simplify them and get 'em up...sometime.

this past friday i attended a fantastic concert. consider and finish this incomplete equation:

lovely spring evening + free + friends + ROOF of a PARKING GARAGE = ?!

yeah. [don't] be jealous. it was just as epic and awesome as it sounds. 

and the performers? paul jacobsen and the madison arm, and fictionist (i heard emily brown played as well but didn't get there in time for her). it was my first experience with both bands.

we walked in. saw this. joined some friends:

thanks, angela, for braving the side crowd to get these shots!

and gosh, i was excited.

i *really* enjoyed the unaffected sounds of paul jacobsen and the madison arm. they just seemed like cool guys and i could just totally groove to their stuff. loved the harmonies and chill vibes.

left: paul jacobsen + madison arm, right: fictionist 

the members of fictionist are all apparently from utah, and it was cool to see hometown boys perform when as they're getting big (they are in a competition to get on the cover of rolling stone and today is the LAST DAY to vote-- do it!). both bands were really generous and appreciative.

some of us

i decided halfway through that my soul needed this concert (because of the elements of the aforementioned equation). i wished everyone could have been there. then again, music doesn't affect everyone the same way. so... i really wished that (ready for a really convoluted sentence?!) -- everyone whom it impacts like it impacts me could have been there to appreciate and love the concert as much as i did. you can go ahead and re-read that if you need, cuz i'm not editing it.

i didn't have my camera (WHAT?! i know, right?!) but it was fun to play around with angela's new iphone to take a few photos and videos. that was good for my artistic well-being, too.

i'll skip my usual intense analysis of every song and just say...if you weren't there, then i wish you had been.


ps, in case you're wondering about the crowd vibe, and i'm sure you were, this was basically a hipster mecca. don't know what a hipster is? then READ THIS NOW. remember hannah? yeah. awesome.

other reviews/pictures/buzz of this concert:
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blah blah blah...so you've said

{image via here. copyright goro fujita.}
today is this kind of a day.

but REALLY. like, it perfectly describes how i feel and i can't really explain why. or rather, i don't feel like explaining why. don't worry; it's nothing deep or angsty.

thanks, tally hall.

in the end, i'd like to say no one's better than you.


a great height

dear sunshine: you + morning = automatic good mood for me.

dear radio: thanks for playing 'dog days' first thing this morning, so i could jam out. and not just the stupid radio edit...the real deal.

dear counter girl at twilight zone: thanks for chatting with me about pocketless pants and the ridiculousness thereof. you're cool.

dear boss: thank you for liking our work on the scinet dashboard. OH, thank you.

dear odwalla: thanks for being DELICIOUS. (ps, may i request that you stop being overpriced and undersized? nonetheless, you are one tasty, tasty fiend.)

dear conference talks: thanks for rocking the world.

dear my own shoes: thanks for being attractive, so i can look down and feel awesome.

dear awkward: thank you. for making my life SO enjoyable. really.


also, a last thought: if my life were a movie, unedited and exactly as-is, it would make the. BEST. chick flick/comedy/drama EVER.

hands down.