wind & a cloud

"walking through wind makes you feel 
so much more epic than walking through normal air." 

that was my facebook status a long while ago and i still stand by it 100%, thank you very much.

i thought about it today when i was walking to my car after school. then my metaphorical mind started to wander, as it tends to do....

the sky was washed flat with gray from the top down, it seemed. dark to lighter. 
it came down to some muddy white soft clouds
which came opened up into a horizontal blue patch 
of sky

[just found out: quick photoshop doodles help capture memories]
which made room for more clouds
fluffy white ones 
with lots of depth
and lots of substance. 

then those faded out again into gray
which was flat and translucent. 

as i walked down a hill, i watched it slowly change. 
couldn't take my eyes away. 
it wasn't the most amazing display ever, but was still so beautiful. something about it....
i stopped, just to stare. 
texted a dear friend whom i miss. 
thought more.

kept going,
walked through the wind.
the air was warm, and the wind was a tad chilly 
but i wasn't cold. 
[...not how they looked, but how they felt.]
the wind was powerful.

it was kind of beautiful: 
that feeling of walking through resistance with my head held high
[because i was focused on something beautiful above me]
while everything was blowing around me
but walking with a purpose
in a straight line
toward a specific destination.

that big green minivan suddenly represented something much more wonderful
than a big green minivan. 

[although, 'more wonderful' is kind of hard to come by...when you have a big green minivan.]


but, alas.

dear photoshop: my final 9 paintings are due in 46 minutes. so far, you have crashed 4 times today, and 2 of those were in the past 28 minutes.

dear wacom tablet: you have badly malfunctioned 3 times, causing my curser to malfunction and computer to freak out, forcing me to restart my computer, well, thrice and tempting me to, well, curse.

together, you have driven me to the point of creating a facebook status just to rant about you. second one in 1.5 hours.

things are getting serious.

please work. please. or i will have to take drastic measures. i'm strongly tempted to chuck both of you,  computer and wacom, against the wall. and then i won't have to count how many times you crash.

just think about that. 

sincerely, kristin



...it just did it again. photoshop. crashed. i am going to just sink into quiet submission, watch my computer be possessed, the clock tick and my grade drop.

and please don't worry. i'm fine. i don't often advertise my frustration, but it's to the point where it's kind of comedic, so i thought i'd share. i'm actually quite calm. i'll be just fine. 

i'd really like to get sleep, as i stayed at school from 9 last night until 5 this morning working on this project...but, alas.


all i need

just checking in...i'm still alive. halfway through finals. probable all-nighters still to come.

and remember this post? well, it sort of happened again tonight.

i've been injured over and over and not been able to run well lately. until tonight. when my sanity demanded it more than my physical health.

angst with those that angst.
and, when you can, go for a really good run.


currently delusional

it's weird. this year i haven't sacrificed my health as much for my art like normal...and turns out i've been a tad more functional human being. who knew, right?

but. my non-sacrifices (plus the NY trip in the middle and, oh yeah, LIFE) have all added up and now it's down to the grind. i had to sketch, ink, and digitally paint 3 characters, 3 environments, 2 props and 1 story moment (scene) in 1 (ONE) night. wooot.

soooo with one of my favorite friends/co-worker/fellow illustrator, hannah, i pulled a near all-nighter at work tuesday night. after i got 3 hours of sleep the night before.

see, both hannah and i were out of practice for pulling all-nighters. hannah actually gets her stuff done on time (even early...the crazy) and i, well........don't. either way we knew it'd be a long night. so, we --



and looked like this.

sorry if this post doesn't make sense. umm...refer to it if you're wondering why.

sufficeth to say...i had mustard pretzel gardetto's and gatorade for breakfast this morning at work. with 5-hour energy in my bag. just in case.


anticipating the best weekend

i don't have much time to post, because general conference is starting in a couple minutes. for those who don't know, this is a time where our prophet and church leaders speak to us regarding things that will help us in these hard times. all of us. the things that matter most.

with how crazy life can get and in a world in need, everyone can benefit from conference. i am SO. EXCITED. i've been anticipating this since last conference, 6 months ago. i have SO much to do this weekend, but have come to learn that, to quote Ezra Taft Benson,

"when we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives." 

i KNOW this is true.

to watch it live, click here! 
the sessions are today from 10am-noon and 2-4pm, as well as tomorrow (sunday) from 10am-noon and 2-4pm, mountain standard time. all the sessions are different, but we strive to watch all of them because they are all amazing! if you can't take the time this weekend, they are archived.