inktober 20

i've been pretty faithful to inktober lately, even though i've not been posting on my fb/blog/insta. 

usually i draw something in ink right before i go to bed. as per inktober's rules, the things i make are always in ink.

but tonight, well...this morning, i'm opting to make something in digital ink...in words. i've forgotten that words and art are almost interchangeable and both necessary for me. 


recently i've worked a lot.
too much.
it comes with a high price of stress
so that today, when i was supposed to have a day off
(but worked 5.5 hours anyway),
i almost felt guilty for leaving to have fun.

and i recognized that as unhealthy.

so i specifically made sure i carried out all my "fun" plans today,
as more of a mental health requisite than a reckless day off.


it was a day of many outfits, including --

houndstooth tunic and black jeans,
a leather riding jacket with armor included,
double sweater combo with a leather jacket from mexico and boots
shiny skirt, and a mask from venice (and hair piece from mexico)

and a day of many activities, including --

a walk to sodalicious with coworkers to celebrate two deadlines accomplished
a journey up the canyon on one of my favorite modes of transportation
a trip into a corn field to wander around for an hour
a balloon-infested, cheesecake celebration: masquerade style

and some thoughts.
including --

there's something important about bonding over the small things. even if it is soda.
those mountains have secrets within their crevices. there are hidden views and secret vistas. some only visible for a split second when one or two are speeding by...and only if one is looking for them
fun can be made anywhere. also, even if you can't seem to find the end of a maze, at least you're building endurance and patience. maybe the end isn't as important as we think it is.
and that mask.

i miss the real one back in venice,
and that time my brother and i chased it.