school girl

[above: 2nd day of school photos. amy, i accidentally erased my 1st day photo... :( hope this suffices.]

i know. it's been a while. here's the life update:

in general, i...

*have hair down to my waist, and might chop it all off for locks of love...next week?
*still sometimes write in all lowercase letters...just for kicks
*wasn't going to blog until i blogged about figure drawing and advertising....dangit.
*am still determined to blog about said subjects (it's photographing the images that takes time)
*still heart art

this summer, i...

*only took two days off work for fun purposes...and was sick for both
*went jet skiing and camping and to park city for those days
*went off of sugar for a while (yay me!)
*had some awesome sister bonding moments and days
*decided to start doing freelance photography (you can check my online portfolio on the right for a small sample)
*got released from the r.s. presidency and called to be a sunday school teacher...then got called to be a relief society teacher for the other relief society in our ward

regarding school, i...

*got into the illustration BFA! as of april.
*will be a senior this year...and next...and possibly next
*am taking four art classes (illustration II, narrative I, gesture drawing, and advanced figure drawing...for the 3rd time) and one other class...guitar (for the 3rd time).
*think it's pretty cool that all my art classes i'm taking are being taught by the heads of the illustration and animation departments (bob barrett, bethanne anderson, richard hull, and ryan woodward)
*got BFA studio space, which is handy and helpful
*have had 6 major headaches in the first 3 weeks of school, with 1 full migraine
*am trying really hard to be healthy regardless of the endless projects
*have straight classes from 1pm-8pm on tuesdays and thursdays

currently i...

*am still dating zachary, who's wonderful (& he got into the philharmonic orchestra this year, yay!)
*still love jambas
*miss being with people. i do...lots of art. lots. you can come visit me when i paint in my basement. really.
*am still contemplating a mission
*ache for some of my family members with their current trials
*pray...lots (hopefully this isn't just "currently")
*am realizing the that "the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." (v.20)

i also...

*joined a health competition! check this out. it's been difficult because of my schedule.
*have gotten more comments on my long hair these last few weeks than i EVER have...i might not cut my hair just yet....
*am missing the first part of the first BYU home game. i'd best be off.

that's about it. i promise to post more soonish.