new year, NEW NEWS!

happy new year!

lots of things have been happening.

well, lots and none at all.
the none at all is shown by the activity on this poor dear blog that i miss.

and by the fact that i rang in the first week of the year by almost breaking my foot, putting up a solo art show and promptly getting a sinus infection in my sinuses/ears/throat and lungs which kept me down for the entirety of the month until yesterday and even yesterday was...hazy. so lots of nothing in those weeks. which was exactly halfway between nice and totally aggravating.

BUT lots of things have been happening on my art blog! and i want you to see it! so much so, that this whole sentence is a link in case you missed it in the last sentence! PLEASE go check it out and tell me my work hasn't been in vain. yes, let's start the new year by shamelessly begging for validation. hey, at least i'm being honest. ;) but between not being able to leave the house and having other [super dooper kind] people take some of those pictures and having to format the whole dang thing, it took me forrrrever to get that post up.

but i feel bad that i've neglected this blog.

so you know what i'mma do to compensate? i'll announce HERE first, before i do on the other blog, that i have an official facebook fanpage! you know, for my art! because i do art sometimes!

and also, i'll secretly announce that i have a one-night-only solo art show at sora dining on february 1! more not-so-secret details on that forthcoming.
AND i'll also announce that the first version of my website is coming veeeerrrrry soon. be on the lookout. you might have to go like my facebook page or follow my art blog to hear about that though ;)

oh. and one more thing.

got this in the mail yesterday.

= passage into big kid life, woooo!

adventure is out there.