i know. i am such a slacker. it's those darned 'antisocial' posts that are holding me back. i feel like i can't blog without putting them in here. so i promise those will be my next posts and i'll try to get back to a regular schedule. i miss blogging...i really do.

this semester has been ultra crazy...but i LOVE all my classes. in my advertising class, we're learning about all the new media out there. ('new' media refers to all the electronic and digital technology that we deal with these days, particularly the Internet). possibilities are endless and technology is fascinating to me (however, i still remain an 'old-fashioned girl' in many, many ways).

so, because of this talk of new media and how to use it for marketing and advertising purposes, coupled with my immense withdrawals from not blogging for so long, i got a Twitter account! twitter is just a site that helps you answer the question, "what are you doing?" which is so prevalent in many of our conversations. it's just a fun way to keep people updated, especially in times of trial (tons o' headaches lately), test (96% on first advertising test two weeks ago...86% on second one last night :( with a decent score on my illustration history test this morning), or straight up non-computer fun (the weather has been fabulous!). it's similar to a facebook or gmail status update, but solely for that purpose. also similar to blogs, you can "follow" people or friends with twitter accounts just to keep in touch. you can even get your phone involved if you'd like.
i'll try to update twitter as much as i can, as life is really crazy right now. BUT i'll also try to get on a more regular blogging schedule as well.

seriously, go check out the twitter site and watch the little video up at the top. it explains it better than i can. and if you get an account, sign up and follow me (in a non-creepy, non-stalkerish type way) so we can be twitter friends! :)


ktln said...

dear kristin,
i love ya.
and I love your blog.
sounds like everything's great.
you're awesome.

p.s. let me know when you have a free moment. no hurry and no worries.

Laura said...

My Dad joined Twitter a while ago as a "marketing experiment" too. Sounds cool but I already have so many time-wasting excuses online! I'm trying to wean myself for the mission. :)
More power to you, though. You take advantage of that technology! Woo!