change something?

contrary to possible belief, i'm still alive. barely. and i have SO much to write about. later. this semester, school decided to take over my life.

no, really. my. entire. life.

true story.

it's actually been a pretty rough few weeks. sickness, stress, and frustration has somehow sneaked their nasty little selves into my life (and they won't leave me alone, the meanies). however, i just have to keep remembering this:

however, at times i want to just punch something (thing, not someone) just to get the energy of frustration out, then move on. and i think that occasionally, that's okay too. i guess that's what running is for. :]

ps, i found the image on the website of a company who e-mailed me, asking me to apply to be one of their networked freelance graphic designers......??


joe said...

I like that one! It's a simple strategy for a good day.

Define Heather said...

before i read that you should go on a run or bike ride you said I guess that is why I run... lol. funny story.

ps. once again you are beautiful!

Josh said...

Kristin! Hang in there kiddo! The sun'll shine again. I promise. It's finally come out in my life. Hallelujah!

I'm here for ya if you need to just let it all out! :)

--jeff * said...

hooray for running!
boo for meanies!
and that flow chart is pretty great. it reminds me of a diagram a photographer showed me when we were in maine this summer.

and way to be awesome and have a company interested in you. (i'll be a resume reference)

K said...

Chaz has been fighting the same thing - she got mono somewhere, and it took her down for months, on top of working for two professors and doing her graduate work. Yow. But you guys have this: you're young. You don't understand yet how much you have to lose - that elasticity that allows you to recover. Think about that for a second, and then rejoice in it. (I have to do that process about everything - like toilets - and I really do rejoice about them).