consider the daisies

you might know the saying. as jeff reminded me,

don't worry too much about what's happening under it all.
the roots are growing, even if we can't see them.
and too many good things have been ruined because some people can't resist pulling up the daisies to see how the roots are doing.

but i just can't help but think that sometimes it's hard to tell whether i'm pulling up the daisies or just haphazardly yet faithfully watering them everyday, but without taking thought that water might not be what they need (perhaps they need more sun, or less water, or ...vitamin...water...?)


i'm super stoked for general conference this weekend. i have an impossible schedule -- i don't see how i can get everything done in the physical amount of time that i have.


i know that if i put God first, watch conference (four sessions!) and do my best, things will work out. they always do. and if they don't, they're probably not as important as i think they are.

the cool thing is, no matter who you are, there is bound to be something that will help you. and it's so accessible: you can even view it here. one click away to potentially life-changing info.


i am beyond excited to hear what insights lay in store for us this weekend. i hope it helps my garden situation.



Katherine Chipman said...

I love this post! For many reasons....
1. I am also so excited for conference!
2. I've been having one of those weeks where I needed that reminder that the roots are growning even if I can't see the progress right now.
3. You wrote it!
Thanks again!

Jacob said...

I Heart this post. Good luck with the daisies. They always deserve some consideration.