fight through

i found this quote a while ago:

{image via pinterest}
and i think i'm in that stage right now, where my work doesn't match my ambitions or my potential. but i think it'll get there. i guess that's how it is in life, too.....

you should most definitely watch the video i posted about it on my art blog so that you can hear ira glass tell it himself. i assume it's him. either way, it's awesome.


--jeff * said...

hey, this is awesome, too! (guess which blog i went to first...)

it's kind of like what we briefly mentioned a week or two ago, being in that gap between the two trapeze, the time when you're done looking and thinking something is cool and actually moving to try it for yourself.

i really, really like the acknowledgement that your work won't be good at first but that's ok and, more importantly, totally normal even for people with above-normal talent and ambition.

on a separate note, when i saw your "friends" list up there, i saw something that my initial reaction was to "throw something!" but i decided that wouldn't be the best, since i'm on my computer at work, and while it's obviously waterproof, it's probably not shatter-proof.
still.... you know...

Kaylie said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kristen. That's pretty much how I've been feeling lately. It's good to know that that is normal and that it's possible to work through it.