one of the order

the name's tonks.

and don't you dare call me nymphadora. i'll blast you so hard with a jelly-legs curse that you won't know what hit you.

'til you fall over.

[editor's note: bask in the glory of this photo, but know that my hair actually was pink. process post here.]

...mischief managed.


fight through

i found this quote a while ago:

{image via pinterest}
and i think i'm in that stage right now, where my work doesn't match my ambitions or my potential. but i think it'll get there. i guess that's how it is in life, too.....

you should most definitely watch the video i posted about it on my art blog so that you can hear ira glass tell it himself. i assume it's him. either way, it's awesome.



a few days ago, i read this post (with possibly the *most* adorable picture ever) and really loved the idea of "happy lists".

recently, my life has had some major -meh- moments, so i just wanted to make a happy list of my own from these last couple of weeks:

1. avoiding game-day traffic altogether by navigating the foothills (and feeling awesome while doing it)
{image via here}
2. that rainbow in the sky for no reason on that perfectly sunny conference saturday.
3. skype
4. those days when you just like hearing yourself sing (which isn't all the time)
5. hearing the perfect song for the moment
6. remembering words like “nifty” and “neat” and using them
7. making nifty things for neat people
8. silly problems and creative solutions
9. excellent boots
10. being inspired
11. that perfect scarf-and-sweater weather, when it’s overcast and cloudy and beautiful
12. music outside
13. the newest google doc i made for myself, entitled: "thoughts // ideas // dreams // plans". (it's like i'm giving myself permission to dream again)
14. wonderfully insightful conversations

what's on your list?