[we'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled program]

well. it is 1:37 am and this post brought to you from the far corners of my hard-tiled bathroom floor (because it is debatably the warmest room in my house). lest you think i'm a nocturnal internet junkie, i'm here because i am sick and can't sleep. i promise, i'm usually asleep by now. in my bed. not in my bathroom.

sickness of any kind is overrated and i highly suggest you don't trifle with it. even if everyone else is doing it. currently, mine is just a weird stomach sickness episode. one that prevents me from sleeping. or functioning. and will likely only last a day or so. but tends to be make itself known in very amusing ways when writing important emails to english professors. or maybe that's just because it's almost 2am.

so i suppose i'm blogging to get my wit out here so i can write a civil and respectful email to my English teacher asking a simple question without wasting her time. not that the one i wrote (still hovering in another tab as a clever draft) is disrespectful in any way; i just don't know if she knows me well enough yet to get the tongue-in-cheek tone. 

perhaps one reason why i feel sick is that i saw brian regan perform tonight in abravanel hall. erm, that sounds terrible. hear me out: i laughed hard. well, pretty hard. i don't remember the last time i laughed consistently for an extended time period. apparently, i need to work out my laughy muscles more because now i feel all sortsa sick and maybe my body just wasn't ready for that kind of concentrated joy. perhaps i'll have to take a sad day to recover or something. anyways. 

back to email writing. 

oh, and i just realized: ironically, i kind of felt exactly like this tonight. how very appropriate. maybe i'm just trying to apply what i learned from his encore.....

and the heater just came on. mmm.



--jeff * said...

that would have been a fun show to go see. : )

so sorry to hear that you're sick on the bathroom floor, but i think there's something kind of dang about taking time to capture the moment in a blog post like that.

and it seems that you've revealed another use of blogging: getting out the freestyle energies so that you can compose a more formal writing elsewhere.

hope you got some sleep and that you're feeling better soon.
all kinds of *{

Reader Riah said...

Ironically, I have driven myself to the emergency room. ;) But he still made me laugh. I condone that laughter muscles are much too unused. New routine: yoga + intense laughter. Good for the body; good for the soul. Yes?

Also, the lights are back on in my room now. :)

James said...

Also, the laughy muscles have beautiful vasculature... Juse saying

Jenny said...

I just love how you make life entertaining even when you're sick :) You're the best like that! I especially liked your title. Hope you get feeling better and better. Love you!