marching bootless

about a week ago, i participated in the TOMS "one day without shoes" event. because, well, why not? (if you're not familiar with TOMS, check this out

this is the idea:
{screenshot from here}
it was a pretty freeing feeling. because i didn't have time to really prepare in the morning, i just went shoeless. eventually i put some words on my feet.
[click to zoom. left foot: "one day without shoes" right foot: "ask me about my feet"] 
 i carried around this little card to talk with people about it.

{via here}

it really was kinda cool to talk with people. i didn't talk a ton, but for me personally it was interesting to reflect on this all day (because i was reminded...all day. because i had no shoes and my feet have gotten soft from being wrapped up in all my winter shoes for so long).

anyway, one of the more amusing moments was at the end of the day when i attended a concert. i figured that for this, i'd put shoes on so that i wouldn't get trampled on too badly (and earlier, i accidentally burned the bottoms of my feet...i forgot how hot pavement can get....).

so i put my shoes on (my shoes that i had previously customized because i do that kind of stuff). then my friend mal commented, "um, you know what your feet say now that you have your shoes on, right?" i looked down and this is what i saw:


ha! yes, that's right. "one day without feet. ask me about moving."

i guess it's a whole new topic. :]

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Clancy and Katie Black said...

what a neat cause and idea! And cute toe nail polish!