on holding mugs

i was just reading the scriptures while sipping some warm citrus water. i realized that because i'm cold, i was subconsciously clutching my oversized mug up to my chest in between sips so that it would help me stay warm. problem was, the more i drank, the less warm the mug got.

i remember this problem in mexico as well, as we were so cold all the time in our apartment and our best hope of heat at times was the warm drinks we would make. the key to warm drinks was to always keep the mug full because the mug didn't hold any inherent heat. it would only contain the heat brought on by the liquid inside. so the key was to both hold it close as well as drink it so that it our skin would be warm and so would our insides...but to always refill the mug. because if we didn't refill the mug, it was soon be empty and we would be holding something neither hot nor cold. it would do is no good without the warmth inside. however, if we held on for it too long without drinking it, it would become cold anyway.


you can't hold on to potential; you must do something about it. 

likewise, you always have to be refilling your [creative/spiritual/personal] container with new things for it to be most effective. water was good; warm water was helpful.

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