Oi! My first!

Okay, so I've been meaning to make a blog for a while now. Congratulations....to me. Perfect, I start out with a quote from somebody who's...not me. First, some clarification and explanation of what very well could be frequently asked questions in the near future:

1. Why the kooky URL?
Well...it comes from a quote that I made up one time. I've always been proud of it, because it's just so darn profound. It goes like this:

"Randomness is the spark plug in the tranquil sea of Normality. Bzzzzzt!!!"

It's pretty much how I live the majority of my life. (I declare the quote copyrighted, so don't even try.)

2. Warm fuzzies?
Warm fuzzies is a term that my dear friend Jeff and I have used for some time. Warm fuzzies come in various forms, but my favorite are the kinds that come from something friends share that connect their hearts. Like inside jokes, giggling, compliments, and various forms of chocolate. Well...maybe not the chocolate.

3. Hand snug....what the heck....??
They are too cool for words. You'll just have to ask me in person. I refuse to let virtual communication take over real communication. (Hand Snuggleez are copyright Michael.)

4. Why a blog?
For one, my family can now keep in touch with me in yet another way! (subtle hint ;) -- and that's a sideways winking smilyface, Mom). And, a lot of artists and aspiring artists use blogs for their work, and a lot of cool people use blogs to document their thoughts because, well, they are that cool. I'll probably use this for both because I fear if I start two blogs, in addition to my new Gmail account and applications, my new MacBook, my faithful Facebook, my phone, my currently busted iPod and other new innovations, I'm gonna be so inundated with media that I may just spontaneously combust.

I'm a spontaneous person, but that's a little much.

As for the frequency of which I post...not a clue.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
Post away.


Matthew said...

That may be the most stunning blog I have ever read. There is no doubt in my mind that the person behind it must of been a gorgeous, intelligent woman.

kristinanne said...

You say that like I'm NOT sitting across the table from you. Funny, that.

Matthew said...

Well it is a good thing I'm not sitting across the table from you. Because I know I couldn't resist proposing to someone with your kind of spunk and of course beauty.

Murphy said...

Oh dang, I thought I was gonna claim first post status. Oh well.
I agree with matthew, that was a fantastic post, and yes, I think most men would have a hard time restraining themselves from proposal :).
I look forward to many good posts in the future!

-->jeff * said...

i didn't mean to shanghai your quote; i meant it as a nod, an homage, and an inside reference to those who know.
if you have any further questions, you can contact tami swakhammer at mad wet goose legal.
; )

Marvi said...

You are so creative! I'm glad you've created this blog, especially for those of us who have are not convinced of the whole facebook idea...(yeah, that'd be me). I'm looking forward to reading some future entries. Thanks for being an awesome roommates & good luck on your test today :)
Love ya!

Meghann said...

For being an art major, you should really have a lot more pictures.

Laura said...

Ah, good - url and title are all clear now...mostly. Maybe not the snuggleeezzz...eezz, but everything else! :)

Chocolate totally counts as a warm fuzzy! As long as it's hot, fudgey and/or European. mmmm