inner sunshine

I walked home from church today because I had stayed a couple more hours to hear my fabulous friend speak in her ward an hour after mine. It was a clear/rainy/cold/warm somewhat bi-polarish day as far as the weather is concerned. However, when I walked home, it decided to be sunny, with a lot of wind, but warm nevertheless. I loved it. Sure, it would have been made better without my pointy heels (it's like they have a limited 3-hour block guarantee...3 hours of semi-comfort and that's it. After that, it's all pain and suffrage as my feet start to complain). My purse and big bag were kind of hard to carry, because my fingers kept getting slightly numb and my elbow kept locking, but other than that it was a great walk. I reflected on a lot of things, both little musings and bigger issues. Isn't it interesting how weather affects moods? Is it just me? Because I could be having the worst rainy day and for some reason, if the sun decides to grace me with its presence, all the sudden my rainy mood is washed away (or at least diluted a bit) by the sunshine. However, if I'm already in a good mood, and it starts to rain, that amplifies it as well. I'll start to get all happy about the rain and celebrate by dancing or singing in it. I know that one of my best friends Tricia absolutely loves rainy days, no matter what. Her inner sunshine comes in the form of rain. Which is nice...because in that case, one of us will always be in a happy mood to cheer the other up.

And that is life.


Murphy said...

teehee that's fantastic. I know what you mean about the weather. I think for me it has to do with light. When grey and raining, there's not much light and it makes me feel confused and like I can't see. However, this is odd, but when the sky is white with falling snow, and all is quiet, and all you can see above are the little flakes coming down, it makes me feel very safe and happy. But when the sun comes out bright after a new snow, it usually makes me depressed because I feel like the magic is gone and we're back to real life.
Not right now though. Right now I'm very ready for spring.

Oh, and about the shoes... I'm really glad I'm a boy ;)

-->jeff * said...

a few days ago at work i was telling someone how much i enjoy the cold, wet days, although i conceded that part of it may have to do with it making me feel like a sea captain.

nevertheless, it is hard not to drink in the sunshine and the enjoy the oncoming season.
i like my Christmases cold and white, but after that, i'm digging this springtime thing.