feeling alive all over again

With the projects that I have due tomorrow, tonight will prove to be one of little sleep, lots of productivity, and loads of brain sqeezing (in hopes that creativity will seep out).

But I wanted to jot down a thought I had...more like, quickly document a brief experience from tonight. I took the bus home, and was determined to be productive. On the ride home, I was quickly doodling some thumbnails for an assignment due tomorrow, with one bud of my iPod headphones in, when a song came on. Suddenly, I looked up and realized that I loved this experience. This bus ride. As I sat stationary and watched the cars speed past in opposite directions and people go their busy ways, a smile started to spread across my face for no apparent reason, other than the fact that it was dusk--one of my favorite times of day--and that the bumpy rumbling bus had its windows open, so there was a distinct breeze of freshness that brushed across my face and hair, and this song was pulsing in my ear. It was a fabulous feeling that just took me by surprise.

I decidedly hopped off the bus 4 stops prior to my usual stop and, grabbing my camera out of my bag, went to one of my favorite places to watch the last remains of the sunset. It wasn't even that earth-shaking tonight, but an image of simplistic beauty.

I commenced "photographic doodling", as Jeff has so cleverly coined it. I love the fact that Heavenly Father paints a beautiful new picture for us each day and night on His canvas of sky. To me, sunsets feel like a reward for finishing another day, with colors that just hint at what will come of the beautiful sunrise that will surely follow the next morning. If we let it, it leaves us excited for a new day.

(images copyright Kristin Gulledge, 2008)


Laura said...

I totally agree! I have a ridiculous number of cloud-sun pictures on my phone because of that same reaction. I'm glad your day was consummated in such a lovely manner. Hopefully, it pumped your brain with creative juices so that you didn't have to press it quite so hard.

Oh, and lovely phtograph-doodles (tee hee). :)

--jeff * said...

i love those little moments when our personal universe comes into harmony.

The Taylors said...

I"m glad I still see you in the HFAC. it's sad we wont have any more classes together...since we are both into our core! But it was fun while it lasted eh.

Audycamp said...

I LOVE sunset pictures! Sometimes it's the moments of stillness that we really are the happiest!

Us said...

Hey it's Ta'Mera I found you through Jess's blog. I hope everything is going well in school.

Awesome pictures by the way!

Kaylie said...

Your post makes me happy. I love moments like that. Sometimes they're hard to come by under the pressure of the daily grind. But, then again, that's often when I appreciate those moments the most.