Tally Hall's Internet Show

Okay, quick heads up: Tally Hall is doing an Internet Show, and it's finally up and running. They have episodes which you can check out on their website, www.tallyhall.com, but also have just a bunch of really funny short videos.

A couple of them have iffy content...but the majority are fabulous. I put my favorite of the new ones here, to apologize for not posting recently (but I'm doing better at blogging more consistently, eh?!)

By the way, if you're new to Tally Hall, check out my Tally Hall post. It's here somewhere.

Enjoy the Hall.

Ps. Have I mentioned that Tally Hall rocks my socks?


--jeff * said...

as a fellow tally hall sock rocker, i fully endorse the author's aforementioned previous tally hall posting as description of their irrefutable awesomeness.

i expect i will likewise endorse this post's claims of the similarly wonderful t.h.i.s., just as soon as i get around to watching it.

i stepped in gum! ooohhhh.....

Matthew said...

Go Kristin!!! Yeah for posting. Im doing the one person wave for you right now.

Laura said...

Ahahaha! That was great!!
Can I change mine? I wish to be a better Basketball player than YOU, Zubin.

I'm l-lol. Literally laughing out loud.

Thanks for sharing this. ^_^