dignity. always dignity.

again...forgive me.

here's the deal: due to probable popular belief in the blogging world, i've dropped off the face of the planet. verdict: i have not.

this semester's been crazy, but oddly sort of fabulous.

my class schedule's kind of nuts (wednesday is my favorite: i work from 9am-12:30pm. then i have class from 1:35-3pm, a class from 5-7, then a class from 7-11pm. guess that blows my new year's resolution to get in bed by 11pm each night!) XD

in other news, in these last two weeks (in no particular order):
i discovered midway, a town north of here and absolutely fell in love with everything about it. i took my big brother out for sushi for his birthday. i got trained for my calling and i'm getting the hang of it...for now. i've had 4 jambas. i'm more obsessed with typography. i took wedding shots of an adorable couple who which was loads of fun (although my feet were numb by the end: canvas shoes + snowy park hills = near frostbite). at work i got new toys: a wacom intuos pen tablet. and a new tripod. i've listened to coldplay's ep twice more. i got to handset type, ie, letterpress style and print it (like they do in 'newsies'.) i watched 'white Christmas' again, for the billionth time and it never gets old. i watched 'enchanted' for the 3rd time. i got an excellent oreo cheesecake shake at the Malt Shoppe, where i also inadvertently used the mens' restroom. on a date.

don't ask.

as for this week, i'm pretty on top of my homework so far. i may be taking more wedding photos on friday. that same day, 3 hardcore art competition entries are due, so that's what i'll be focusing on this week. i know that you're all waiting...with baited breath, i'm sure, for the rest of my 'antisocial' series, but i've had issues with technology: among other things, i just realized that my computer at work, which i do most of my photography and design work on, has a whoppin 80 gb on its hard drive. um...yay. i think i have about 3 gb left. ugh. so photoshop won't let me edit the photos i already have...it's just a hassle right now. so...i'm workin' on it. i won't leave you hanging for long.

and i don't planning on using any more mens' restrooms.

but i make no promises.


Mark A. said...

i wouldn't worry too much about using the men's restroom. i've been using it my whole life and i've turned out just fine!

Jefe said...

when i went to Body Worlds, you know they have those outdoor portable bathrooms, that were actually really nice? Yeah, i used the Womens. Don't feel too bad :)

Stupendousman35 said...

When did you notice it was a mens restroom? Before or after you used it? lol At least your date did not have to go at the same time. That could have been slightly awkward. ha!

Alexandria said...

the men's restroom? oh krisitin....i'll definitely have to hear your story on wednesday.

Debra Andersen said...

I love it. haha. I'm glad to hear you have lots of excellent things to report. Coldplay= yes, yes,and a resounding yes.

Laura said...

Sweet new Blog-title-thing.

Men are generally more forgiving of women in their restrooms than vice versa. But women are more ashamed of the mistake though. :)

good luck with the busy-ness! I think you can.

Kaylie said...

I agree with what Laura said. Awesome header! You're on the roof! The other day I saw a guy in the women's bathroom... he was bringing in toilet paper and he seemed a little amused with the awkwardness of the situation. It didn't really bother me since his venture was intended to be helpful and it didn't really seem that awkward, maybe because it was so crowded in that bathroom (there was a line) and most of us were bundled up in ski clothes. It made the strange thought occur to me that perhaps there are places in this world where rather than a women or men's bathroom they just have one... Do you think that's possible? But, I definitely think it's more uncomfortable as a girl to wander into the wrong bathroom than a guy. But then again, since I'm not a guy, I wouldn't know.

Brandon Burrup said...

I never added the vocal comment I made. "Hmmm... I'm wearing pants... and so is he... so...."