Antisocial: Part I (Illustration)

Forgive me!!!

I've been a complete blog slacker. But for a while, now, I've had a few blogs in mind I've wanted to write. This will be one of a series of probably 3. I realize that last semester, Fall 08, I was pretty antisocial...for me, at least. So I figured I'd explain why.

Reason #1: Illustration 1.
Taught by Prof. Richard Hull, this was a good class...but very hard for me. Mainly because I never had enough time to get all the projects done in the quality which I think I can get them to...which was frustrating. Each project (with the exception of the wolf and sheep one) required us to shoot from photo reference. This means we had to set up a scene and photograph it, then approve it with the teacher before we painted it. There was a LOT of time spent on these, especially because I'd never painted with Gouache before. Please don't judge too harshly, because they're still not finished. [Disclaimer: the cropping is pretty terrible, because I'm hurriedly putting this together. It bugs me, but I'll probably let it slide for now and re-crop and post them when I revise them.] But here they are for now*:

This was my first assignment. Monochromatic Still-life. I've since changed some things and it looks a lot better than it did, believe it or not.

2nd assignment: paint two full figures with a narrative base. (I still really hate the colors on this. I'll make the scene brighter and change the horizons so they look better. I'll also tone down the lil gal's skirt and pull back the contrast on her stockings. The photo shoot was fun; big sister Robin and cute lil' niece Gracie were good sports and fun to pose!)

4th assignment: book cover. This one was fun: Bro. Hull taught me about aerial perspective, and about how colors fade as they get further away in the order of the yellows fading first, then reds, then blues. Which is why we often see blue mountains in the far distance, and purple (red + blue) mountains before that.

This was the final project. We had to design a hero and a nemesis (or sidekick) and a scene. We turned in all the sketches, and then for the final we painted them all in the same piece of work. This, my friends, is why I finished my finals on the Monday before Christmas (which was on a Thursday...I still have gifts to give).

This was actually my 3rd assignment, but my favorite overall: I started painting at 9pm one Sunday evening and ended at 8:30 the next morning. With no breaks. :D It was kind of funny: the next morning, my sister Robin (who happened to be staying the night) woke up and was all disoriented, and saw the painting. Half-awake, she exclaimed, "Woah! Those are our toys!" then, "I used to pull Jonny around in that wagon! And that's the lunchbox! And your little stool we put in the bathroom when you were little so you could reach the sink!" Needless to say, it made me happy.

Please comment and critique; I'd like to get your feedback.

Part II: coming soon.

* all artwork copyright kristin gulledge, 2008


--jeff * said...

love it.
seriously dang love 'em.

the cognitive map is my favorite, partly because i'm a sucker for black and white and partly because i love seeing glass painted--how so few lines and shines can create a whole object.

i enjoyed the commentary on each work- one of those instances where the initial thought is "whoa, that's awesome!" then you describe what you'd like to change. some i agree with (like the shifting spectrum with distance-- love the explanation of 'first yellow, then red, then blue', but i already told you that), and some i, well, don't agree with- i love the bright contrast of the girl's stockings. although maybe they are a little too stand-outish... i'll think about it.

while i don't have the familial attachments to the memorabilia of project #4, i think it looks kicking just the same.

overall, dig the post.

and that wolf, too.

Katie said...

I love the blog! it was my first visit and really you are an amazing artist and person!-i love the book cover one-so good

Jefe said...

All i know...is you are an amazing artist. I knew you were an artist, and you are also amazing, i never even thought to put the two together...So Amazing Artist would make perfect sense right? I Would like to see this in person... Please? :)

AudyCamp said...

Wowswers! Those are awesome! I might have to just use that last one as a theme for my kids playroom. :) Too cute!

Laura said...

Yes, you HAVE been slacking on blogging lately.
But better late than never. :) You're forgiven.

Toys turned out really well! I'm glad you went with that one. although the orange guitar was still really cool. I really like the monochrome too.
Nice stuff, Kristin! You talented girl you.

rock, rock on.

Diana said...

I love them! I especially love the last one too. :)

Stupendousman35 said...

Oh wow. That is all I have to say. Almost. But wow you are so good! I remember when you were working on the last one once when I came over. It turned out so good! hm. I'm interested to see what part 2 will bring!

joe said...


This is the stuff I've been waiting for. this stuff is quality. I love it. I think I'd like to see the originals though! (may i pls!)

The Taylors said...

I love the first one. I love the story it tells. Nice perspective looking up...I feel like I'm kid looking up to this tall countertop. I feel you framed it nicely. I also feel the crumbs add a nice touch. So funny. like the contrast of the dark surroundings with the bright toys stacked up!

I also like the book cover....nice design and I love the shapes you made with the leaves coming in from all the edges, leading your eye down to the farmlands.

Nice work! It's funny how we have completely different classes and we do completely different types of assignments...it's refreshing to look at your work!

joe said...

Sure I could teach you... but you'd have to teach me something cool in return (as if you haven't ever done that :|). lol

joe said...

btw I like the new banner at the top. Very.. you. That's what it is.

The Rabidmilkman said...

Great stuff!