Obituary of a Beloved Fallen Tree

[I originally wrote this on April 17-18, 2009 but didn't post because I didn't have photos. I took all the photos in this post the morning of April 16.]

I tend to be an optimistic person. When it happens to snow in April, I'm usually like, "Hey, snow. Cool. Wanna make a snow castle?"

However, the snowstorm last night destroyed something that I can't get back. Those of you who know me well know that
I'm pretty passionate about nature (think about it). It's sad to hear about the natural disasters and such. However, on the fateful early morning of Thursday, April 16, my mom raced into my room and informed me to look out the window. I went to the front door and saw what's depicted in the photo on the topright. When I realized that our once huge, slender beautiful tree with fresh pink blossoms that resided just outside of my window had come crashing down due to the bizarre inclement weather, I was heartbroken. This wasn't just any tree...it was one of the things that I loved most about my home.

So...I am writing an obituary.
Our dear pink blossomed tree fought a good fight for over 19 years [ever since we bought our home] until a terrible accident took its life. Vile bitty critters had infested and weakened its once sturdy trunk, but when a freak snow storm crept upon the unassuming town of Provo, the little tree couldn't fight any longer. Its branches, already weak with disease, were suddenly laden with the extra weight of wet snow.
No longer do we have the pink beautiful tree that held the memories of six childhoods and a caring mother who watched over it through the years. Our yard seems empty, and we will sorely miss its previous occupant.

It is preceded by its elder peach tree, two umbrella trees, and a weeping willow, due to similar accidents. It is survived by two umbrella trees, three pine trees, a few rocks and an apple tree (one that sustained major injuries as well, and is now in critical condition but will be fine).

We will miss you, little tree.

I partly write this in humor, but it actually has been a really hard last couple of days for Mom and I. That tree had a lot more than just branches and leaves. It was the tree that I most associated with our home. In reality, it was an extension of our home; it grew up with me. I do miss it, sappy as it sounds (no pun intended).

Some favorite memories include:
- climbing it when i was little and staying there, reading books
- climbing it and observing my big brother Jonny [on the ground] stick up for me when his friend poked fun at me, not knowing i was in the tree
-playing hide-and-seek and other games with my nieces and nephews around the tree
-seeing the pink blossomed trees around Provo and swelling with pride a bit to know I had a tree just as gorgeous (if not more so) in my very own front yard
-watching the setting sun's beams pierce through the tree
-taking sibling pictures beside it and glamor shots of my sister in front of it
-having to duck underneath its branches when walking to my front door, basking in the scent of the blossoms
-looking out my window, just to see it there
-my mom telling me (when I was very young) that I couldn't eat the red berry-looking things...they were NOT cherries :)
-the first time there was snow and blossoms...at the same time

It's been a few days...but still I get a sad little shock when I look outside and recognize its absence.

For those of you who had any experiences with our tree or with their own, or would just like to add anything, please record them under the "thoughts" part. I'd love to hear.

I think that I'll plant a pink-blossomed tree in my front yard when I have my own home someday.


AudyCamp said...

ok that really is so SAD! :( Thanks for getting "sappy" for us & telling your tree memories.

Halie said...

The same thing happened to a pink blossomed tree in front of our apartment. It is now just a stub coming out of the ground. They chopped the whole thing up. I am mourning the loss of our tree too.

All About Austins said...

The pink blossomed trees just couldn't take the storm, its a sad day. during a wind storm in Jr High I went and held our little tree up because I didn't want it to snap in half.

--jeff * said...

that was the best tree-obituary i have ever read, and a very good one in the overall category of standard obituaries as well.

i'm sorry you lost your tree.
i really enjoyed your collection of favorite memories with the tree; it vaguely reminded me of president hinckley talking about his love of trees.

way to immortalize it.
i look forward to the day when you plant your own tree.

Laura said...

I'm sure it went to tree heaven. It certainly fought a good fight. You'll see it again. :)

Anonymous said...

I have MANY family pictures in front of our tree!!! I will surely miss it! On a happy note...what if we got Mom a small tree for Mother's Day to plant in its place...We could each plant a flower around its base whenever we get back to Provo...kinda sentimental stuff, but it goes along w/the obituary! Luv ya! C

Jess said...

oh no! not the tree! I love that tree!

Debra Andersen said...

Kristin, you're the bomb. I love trees too. The same kind of tree was almost destroyed in front of my house. My dad seriously glued it back together. We'll see if it accepts the "graft." Save the wood and make something out of it.

joe said...

Sad tree. Pretty pictures!