perspectives & houses

guy francis teaches institute. this makes me more excited because he's a friend of mine, and a professional illustrator. he and his wife lorien are some of my favorite people. anyway, the lesson tonight had a bunch of art examples, which made me just smile from my little desk and soak it up even more.

he started out by reading us the book, "the dot" by peter h. reynolds (i happen to own this book, because zach gave me it last month for my birthday). it's become one of my favorites. i suggest you read it, rather than me explain. really. go read it. (you can even borrow it from me, if you want.)

we discussed potential and perspective. lots of good analogies and discussion commenced, but i just wanted to blog about one quick example.

draw a house.

(go ahead, do it. i'll wait.)

ok. most people draw houses like this:

right? when we add some perspective in there, we might draw it

like this

or this
or even this.

we often see ourselves like that first picture shows.
'this is how i am: _______.'

'squares + triangle.'

however, God sees all those other perspectives as well. though we may think we're simply a combination of squares and triangles, certain abilities or strengths, Heavenly Father knows better. he sees the other parts of our house. he might see a window on the east side under the roof, or the garden in the backyard. he sees the back door and that little path on the west side. he notices the chimney and recognizes the garage.

our little house could have

and paths
and stones
and doors
and stairs
and gardens

that we don't even see.likewise, we could have

and likings
and abilities
and pleasures
and talents
and lessons to learn

that we don't even see.

how do we see? add perspective. through trials, sufferings, difficult callings, opportunities, etc, we can learn about what's really part of our spiritual homes (or mansions as they may become). we're not just squares and rectangles.

we may be called as a nursery leader. 'what? nursery leader? i don't think i can do that!'
we could find a hidden door. 'i really enjoy kids.'

we could experience a parents' divorce. 'what? i don't like this. this isn't how family is supposed to be.'
we could look for a window. 'oh. i have a lot more love for my family now.'

we could get our hearts broken. multiple times. 'i don't like this. it hurts so badly.'
we could plant a garden. 'i'm learning to depend on Heavenly Father.'

we could fail a test. 'i deserved a good grade- i studied.'
we could discover a secret path. 'ah. a lesson in perseverance.'

do you get the idea? it's a good thing we're more than just squares and triangles. guy then talked about how we are all creators. elder uchtdorf says 'everyone can create...something of substance [and] beauty.'

as guy quoted,

you are the architect of your own destiny.

so when you start to doubt yourself, start to create. make those windows and stairs and doors. discover your potential; create your mansion.

i could even venture a step further into the analogy and talk about creating that house on a 'firm foundation'...but that's a lesson for another day.


ktln said...

You know what? I like you. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met - truly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

Stupendousman35 said...

Perspective eh? That was a good post! huh. Some food for thought I suppose

AudyCamp said...

Bee-U-tiful! Thanks for the wonderful thought of the day. Love it! I've watched Elder Uchtdorf's thoughts too on "creating" a couple times & love his perspective.

Laura said...

An orchestral rendition of 'Colors of the Wind' was on my ipod while I read this and it happened to be the perfect soundtrack.

This was lovely, Kristin.

Musicalsmile27 said...

hey kwisten, thanks that was lovely :)please come share your beautiful perspectives with me this summer! I love you!


Scott said...

That's a great post! I really like your illustrations to go along with it--much better than finding some picture off of Google that kinda fits. It sounds like things are going well for you!

Cody and Jessica Nelson said...

Kristin, You are Fabulous! I have been working on this myself lately. You are a great example! I love the 'perspective' thoughts.. I was told to 'treasure hunt' for those things.. I think I like perspective better- being able to look for windows or gardens or doors. It makes it easier for me to visualize. You are amazing and I love you! ( PS- Thanks again for stopping into my office)