salt lake sketchventure!

goal: find awesome neighborhood filled with cool-looking homes and narrow streets. draw/paint/photograph said cool-looking homes and architecture. and each other, when least expected.

[i think my personal theme was 'color'. i love love loved the colors we saw that day, and laura and zach were wearing fabulous colors to match/complement their surroundings!]

[note: i'm still obsessed with typography.][the picture below is a cool shot taken by zach. he was a fast learner and after a quick photography lesson, he was banging on all cylinders]this was my first drawing that day.[this was my first house i painted with using laura's awesome water color pen and my tiny paint set!]
love this one. such great personality.
[coolest things to paint with: tiny watercolor sets and awesome watercolor brush pens]

mission accomplished.

{{the after-party}}
goal: go to the gateway, find zach cool new shoes with to buy with his birthday money.

varied actual results: cool shoes too expensive, affordable shoes too ugly. instead, the three adventurers found a cool store with cool stuff and took cool pictures. please see laura's blog for further explanation. really. you will not regret it...unless you're not awesome.

ps. shout-out to laura, or Sister Smith: samara's about to get even better. i'm so excited for you to be a missionary. i'll hold down the fort...unless i end up joining you. in which case we will rock sketchventures and sketchisodes around the world.

until we sketch again! :)

* all images copyright kristin gulledge, 2009


Define Heather said...

aw cute. love it.

Laura said...

You are so rockin.
Seriously, I miss you already.

I don't have much time to comment before I go in, but I saw the pictures on facebook too! I love being a nerd. :)
much much luck and love to you!

Sister Smith

Kevin G said...

That looks like fun... and strangely relaxing.

K said...

I don't know why I should be surprised that you and Laura know each other. More than one common denominator there.

Looking at your sketches, I am counting the number of gifts I do not have. Starting with playing drums. I sit in front of a kit with the sticks in my hands and do not care at a all about hitting anything with them.

Sketching - I DO want to be able to do this magic: to take the point of graphite, drag it across the white scale covered surface and leave the spirit, the essence of something in that line. But I can't do it. I'm not that.

I can, however, use a camera and catch the world in the middle of a breath. I can do that. So I'm glad you do what I cannot, and that you love it so much. And that you and Sister Smith are friends, and that you put all this up.

Ta-Da. That's what they call a comment.

--jeff * said...

dag. o, to be an illustration major....

i love the watercolor work. and the out of focus shot; pretty dang.

Debbie said...

I'm a HUGE fan of old houses. They have a great story to tell, that's for sure. Where was this? Salt Lake?

Amy Bigelow said...

I am SO obsessed with typography as well. SO OBSESSED! I like finding others who understand me.

Amy Bigelow said...

I am SO obsessed with typography as well. SO OBSESSED! I like finding others who understand me.