sketchisodes #1 and #2!

so. ever since laura and i officially became friends through murphy (that's an awesome story all on it's own), we decided we needed to go sketching.

that was back in...whenever murphy left on his mission. in fact, here's my exact message via linkedin.com to her on 8/28/08 at 7:05 AM--
"Now that Murphy's gone...we still have to be friends! :) Maybe if we're "linked in", we'll go sketchbooking more often."
note: that was august. we've been pestering each other about it ever since.

and the FIRST time we went skeckbooking was on may 14th. as in....a few weeks ago. we decided since she's leaving on a mission on WEDNESDAY (as in, two days) to russia, we'd better make good drawing time with what time we had left. so, we decided to plan a big drawing trip and some other little ones. i coined the little ones 'sketchisodes' and the big ones 'sketchventures'. why? because...they're awesome.

{{sketchisode #1}}
our first sketchisode took place at phs' track. we wanted to dr
aw people but they were too far away, so laura taught me a creative exercise: scribble shapes! designing characters out of scribbles. laura showed introduced me to the work of brittney lee, who is absolutely brilliant in my mind now. apparently brittney makes some of her characters out of scribble shapes. mine aren't as good, but here they are:

{{sketchisode #2}}
sketchisode #2 was downright faaan-tastic (it must be sai
d with emphasis on the first syllable). we went to barnes and noble and i bought a mini moleskin sketchbook, then we went to gelato's and drew the unassuming patrons! it's so much more fun to draw with a friend.

for some reason, my drawing utensils didn't get packed in my bag...so i drew with ballpoint. it was a new experience!


Laura said...


This idea was a definite win! I say we make this a more regular activity when we get back from our respective preaching-places. :)

ktln said...

Dear Kristin:
You never cease to amaze me. You are one talented woman! Remember that one time that we thought it would be fun to teach each other our respective talents? You teach me how to draw and I would teach you something too - I don't remember whether it was piano or calligraphy or something else (or both :) ). But, I still think it's a fantastic idea and would be a ton of fun. What do you think?
:Love Katie

Anonymous said...

Scribbles!!! Kristin, Jessica loved her art lesson, and I love the characters made from scribbles! What fun and what talent! Love you tons. C.

Zachary said...

These are all really good. I like them a lot. They were the best sketchisodes I have ever seen. Good work.

K said...

So, she left yesterday, eh? And I didn't think they were sending people to Russia anymore. And you are going on a mission too? Did I realize this?

That scribble character thing? There was a guy who I used to watch on TV when I was little in LA, and he always did that - like have a kid come up from the audience and make a scribble on a huge, easle-mounted pad, then he'd make something cool out of it. I think it's probably a good brain function thing, anyway - and yours were fun.

--jeff * said...

i heart your sketchbook.