quirky art musings

i don't know if it's just my personality or if it's my artsy-ness coming out, but sometimes i catch myself thinking total art-nerd things and decided to write them down in my sketchbook. i've posted a few, for your pleasure.
constantly noticing how people's outfits match their surroundings.

looking at the moon and apart from admiring its beauty, accidentally wondering what kind of a gaussian blur would be used to create that effect in photoshop.

constantly noticing how my outfit matches my surroundings...as unconventional as they might be: coming out of the bathroom the other day, i looked in the mirror and thought, 'hey! the color of the new stall doors, and the wall, and my outfit all look really good together! I should take a picture!!' honestly. who thinks that?!
looking at the sky and wondering how i would mix the colors and blend the clouds evenly if i were to paint it.
getting so distracted with determining what font a temporary license plate was scripted in, that i didn't even notice it was a flashy new little BMW until i looked a second time (after figuring out the font).
going back into the bathroom later and actually taking the picture.

i know, i know. i really am an art-nerd.

ps, the font on the BMW was 'mistral'. i double-checked. :)


Zachary said...

heehee! That is so awesome! Even though it may seem like odd things to do, it made me think of all the random things that I do that others obviously don't do. Example: when I listen to a new popular song on the radio, I never ever listen to the lyrics. My mind is so caught up in making the special effect sounds in Logic or the chord progression or the actual musical form of the song. Then, the melody tells the story for me, as well as the timbre of the voice and instruments. Then if I like it enough, I'll go back and listen to the lyrics, but I still get distracted by all the other stuff. Weird.

I really like that you posted this because it just shows something about you that distinguishes you from all the other people in the world. Where would we be if we all didn't have our little quirks to really shape and define us as individuals?

derence walk said...

Haha! Gaussian blur.

K said...

Okay. I'm not so much a nerd, I guess. Sometimes. But I've found that - well, it's like you said, you'd rather live in the moment than kill it and spend it writing about it? Yeah, that's where all that has gone for me. I see, but I participate past seeing sometimes. Not always, though. And since I'm now a grownup- more times than I used to have time for.

Tricia said...

Good, I'm not the only one who has thoughts like those!!! So fun to meet you and your sweet family today. Thanks for sticking around for the long haul and cheering for a perfect stranger...that's pure goodness.

Your art and photography are amazing. You have real talent...I loved looking through your blog and getting to know you! You're every bit as delightful as I thought you were from first impression. Cheers to online friends!

Ryan and Alexis Bessey said...

LOL!!! you're a goof. Thisis a really interesting place being in your head...man your thoughts go so fast!