first run in a year: CHECK!

that's what i just texted jeff.

i went to the podiatrist a few weeks ago (after i posted this) and he said i could go ahead and get new running shoes and start out again! i have to start slow (it's so hard to do!) but i can run! i was beaming when i came out of the student health center; it was a stark contrast to last july when i walked out close to tears.

i bought running shoes at 26.2 on thursday. i highly recommend the place. i got saucony hurricanes, like the picture shows. i walked a bit that night to try them out, but tonight decided to go ahead and start running.

my first run didn't go as i expected (alone, at night) but here's what was so great about it:

11. clean, fresh air filling up my lungs.
10. looking up as i ran: the stars are beautiful on dark nights.
9. earphones that made my music sound like a soundtrack to the quiet night.
8. taking my earphones out and hearing the silent patter of my own feet.
7. new shoes that make my feet feel like they're running on clouds.
6. excited wonder of something that i haven't felt in a long time, and the rediscovery of that feeling.
5. DOing...not just THINKing about it. on top of that, doing something that doesn't require anything but my own self...and some good shoes. perhaps one of my favorite things about running.
4. such. good. running. music. (<----you NEED to watch that LAST video...)
3. people outside doing activities. brought a feeling of security and extra motivation.
2. looking like an idiot: i couldn't stop smiling. at least i was a happy idiot...heehee.
1. silently vowing not to take this for granted.

"it's a wonderful night...." :)


--jeff * said...

wa-hoo! so dang happy for you.

i like reason #8 the best. (and also numero 2)

it's a wonderful night; i'll take it from you..... ; )

Aym said...

Hooray!!! Next time, I'll come with. If I have shoes by then.

Heidi said...

Don't you just love it? There are days I feel like I can run forever. That fresh air is amazing.

Jess said...

Happy days!! I want to go running with you!

Logan said...

BA! that last video IS brilliant. good find.

....why am i still awake?