so close!

...but still so far to go. finals have been extremely difficult this round. BUT i am NOT sick! i think because i got so sick so much this semester, my body [gratefully] skipped my annual finals-sickness. really, almost every finals week for the last two years [maybe longer?] i've gotten very physically ill. not this time! for now. [i'm thinking of getting a doctor's note exempting me from finals the next time due to my apparent allergy to them....]

since last thursday, i've

gone to bed at 4am (twice)
gotten little sleep the other nights
taken my guitar final (so. easy! and i got my last 2 performances in the two days preceding that)
finished 3 paintings
sketchbooked (but not enough)
started and finished another painting...with really cool textures!

[this one:]

...and i still have to

sketchbook (more)
get figure drawing portfolio together
figure out the t-shirt contest stuff
write a paper on a problem in the illustration industry and how to resolve it (ideas? anyone? anyone?)
get gesture drawing portfolio together
finish another 2 paintings
start and finish another painting (this one HAS to be good...dangit...)
paint two portraits

by thursday.

(sadly, our model for this one

didn't show up for the last 2 [of the 3 total] times she modeled for us. and i can't find the photo i took of her to finish it. i really hope i can find it...soon.)


Debbie said...

I don't know if it fits, but I hate the crappy excuse for drawing in the currently animated cartoons. If it looks like a stick figure, it's not talent. Oh, and could we get away from all the big-head, really small body characters! The protruding forehead is ONLY cute on babies, NOT Winnie-the-Pooh (there's a reason E.H. Shephard was awarded for his illustrations).

If this is not at all relevant to your topic, I at least got the opportunity to rant. :)

--jeff * said...

on the bright side, you have a lot cooler proof of what you did during finals than those kids who spend all their time in the testing center!

mostly, though, i'm stoked that you can sketch whilst holding a glass of egg nog and singing muppet Christmas carols..... : D

(the verification word i was given is "foophy")

Chantel said...

okay this is completely off the subject of your post... but how did you get your hair so long and healthy? Is there some magic trick I can't figure out... or is it just time and patience?

Chantel said...

either way... it's beautiful.. :) (i forgot to say that in the last post)

K said...

tsssss - just make the dang girl up. Make her your own. But you already have, because I am late reading this.

Rebecca said...

wow, i am impressed if you finished this much of the painting the one time your model showed up!