tally hall, no one's better than you. {part III}

{{the kiddie concert}}

keyboard, guitars, bass, drums...all on stage. a small one. behind a blue heavy curtain.
half curious, half amused adults lining the venue. teachers.
the venue: a school cafeteria.
one huge audience.
all under 5 feet tall.
oh boy. (!)

the concert was about to start. kids filed in, carrying their own chairs (i forgot we used to do that) and, of course, their tally hall signs. they were beyond excited. i was just as excited.

an entrance::
while the principle introduced cheryl, who introduced the band, the band snuck up on stage with fabulous fake mustaches on their faces and disappeared behind the curtain. what a fantastic sight. a few moments later, the curtain opened. the kids. went. nuts.
the concert::
i'll let pictures and movies tell this part. it was, after all, a concert.
fyi, the videos are super loud and noisy because my, can those young'ns wail....

rob [yellow tie] kind of headed up the group in interaction with the students, though the rest of the guys chimed in as well. i could tell that there was a mutual wonder between band and audience alike; neither had experienced this before. at the end of the first song [good day], there was a bit of silence, and i started clapping, [i'm sure some of the teachers did, too] then it was a ripple effect and the place was soon filled with tons of applause and yells.

at one point, they tried to get all the students to sing on one note....

other concert highlights::

-rob asked the most random and obscure questions to the audience, and it was perfect. questions like, "do you guys like sports?" and so on. it kept the kids amused and involved.

-the kids...loved dancing.

-comments like this: "of all the elementary schools we've ever visited, you are the most unique...?" can anyone else figure out what he says here? i remember he made some comment about how the kids liked dancing...anyway, brownie points (maybe even a brownie) to the person who can decode this:

-i enjoyed being backstage-ish. mike was cool and let me chill back there. we also talked cameras a bit. it was cool to see sam do his job. so i took a video of one of their new songs from back there. the video doesn't do it justice because i was just on one side of the stage (and it's a cheap camera). i have so many "normal" tally hall videos that i wanted to capture all the stuff you usually don't see. take a gander.

-the swaying of hands (i think one of the teachers promoted that) and the applause. the kids were told by a teacher before the concert that it's not polite to whistle, though. :)

-they ended with this song:

it was an elementary school. how perfect is that? they even had kids come up and give suggestions (that's the part that the camera drops (literally), so i could take photos of it. so beyond awesome.)

have you ever seen miss skinner, eating some dinner?

-and then they topped it off with this:
(rob's epic and very rebellious jump off of school folding chair. there were no smashing of guitars, however.)

the after party::
after the concert, the guys came back out and cheryl presented them with school shirts, as they are now honorary elementary schoolers. :)

as such, they took a class photo
or two
and hi-fives were had all around
and posters & clothing got signed (the latter with parental permission...for the most part)
and cheryl and the principle were given awfully cool stuff by the band
and things were happy.

next up: the night concert. there will be a lot less squealing from those videos.


Brooke said...

Seriously. How awesome. Thank you for taking the time and energy to share such an extraordinary experience that seems to have been enjoyed by all. You are fabulous!

kwistin said...

i just wanted to add cheryl's awesome fb comment:

WOW!!!! I was there and you captured it all perfect! The kids and I still talk about it, and how we can't believe it really happened. No one is better than "TALLY HALL!"

--jeff * said...

love.love.love.love!love!!love it!!!

dearly, dearly, how i wish i could have been there!!

and yet, i was off on a cold snowy mountainside making a honda commercial set in minnesota.

while i wasn't there, your posts make it seem as if i was....

the opening shots of the kids' signs are fantastic. they say so much about the anticipation of the students. little tally hall groupies, *sniff*.....

all of the videos are excellent: "spring and a storm", always so delectable, and the kids' snapping is sublime.
but the best in the backstage video. not only is it cool to see them from a different angle than we're used to (ross's look into the camera is awesome), but i found myself wondering how the kids were reacting to the show. then you zoomed in to some kids out there, dancing in the aisles and, let's be honest, not looking much different than us when we go to a show.... ; )

as for what rob was saying, it sounds like "is there a class in here?", which really doesn't make much sense.

i'm so happy that the kids got to meet the guys afterwards, that they signed posters and shirts, and that it was a legendary hit all around. i'm sure the guys will remember it as long as the students will.

in short, this post gives a new definition to "ploxiest."

in the end, i'd like to say... well, you know.