hi. i'd like to interrupt these tally hall posts with a few updates. three, to be exact.

1) i'm aware that not everyone is a tally hall fanatic...that's perfectly fine. i'm also aware these posts are ginormous. however, i'm trying to make them as entertaining as possible, and will still post the last two for those who are fans (and also for those interested in hearing new music) because i owe it to them, and like documenting things for myself. i hope it feels like you were there. and if you do stop by those posts, please leave a comment if you feel so inclined. i'd like to hear reactions, especially on those posts. :]

2) i added a "page" -- see it? right above this post? for short updates like these. kind of like tweets, but for my blog only. you guys are VIP. and that's pretty great.

2) this is what i looked like last night

and this is what i look like today. hope that's okay.

i'm getting closer everyday to chopping my waist-length hair short (as danielle would say, eep!). this particular cut i blame fully on the lovely chantel, because she reminded me how i used to cut my own bangs all the time.

ps, no-- i didn't dye it. i never have. i just cut the bangs.



AudyCamp said...

It's so cute either way....I love it both "long" & "kinda long!" :)

April Dawn said...

You look SO cute with bangs! :)

Chantel said...

i love it!!! you had to cut off so much! i can't believe how long your hair is! i'm trying to grow mine out like that. i'm so glad you like cutting your own bangs too. it's so fun!

Ann Marie said...

your hair is soooo beautiful! i know what you mean by "short." mine falls just to the bottom of my shoulder blades and i feel like it's soooo short ;)

Whitney said...

I like the new top to your page! I can't see the pics though.

--jeff * said...

dang, i had not idea your hair had gotten so long. 'course, i don't see you much these days....

all the same, i dig the new look. ...both the blog and you.

'specially the bangs.
(can you get bangs for you blog?)

tmbg sang a song about how wonderful bangs are:
ex. "your royal flyness i dig your bangs...."

M.R. Weaver said...

Your hairs are cute. So is your face.


fai_cong said...

cute out.
good morning mother

janis said...

ahhh! you have such long beautiful hair (even post hair-cut!)

i like our skype/holga/fabulous boyfriend connections!!

have a great day!