explanation + conference (!)

i know. i have abandoned my blog without prior warning. for this, i feel terrible. BUT--it's not permanent. just until finals are done---uggg. so much to do. but then i'll share all my fun projects with you and that'll just be dandy!

to show my apologies for my lack of blog, i'm gonna share with you the best thing that's happening on this wonderful easter weekend--lds general conference! it's the conference where we get council and guidance from our leaders and it's wonderful that anyone can watch it. in fact, here is the link to watch it online. i love love love it.

{conference is held in salt lake city, UT from 10am-noon and 2pm-4pm on both today (saturday) and tomorrow (sunday). every session is different, with different speakers.}

i hope that whatever you do, you have a wonderful weekend as well! and i'll be in touch soooooon! probably about 2 weeks. :)


--jeff * said...

i love it, too.
so glorious and fantastic.

i've also abandoned my blog, too (also unintentionally).

i also like "the white album", too.

K said...