i carried this

{from my new york journal, regarding the society of illustrators internship in june}

for all you illustrators out there::

i got to carry this piece down a couple levels from the permanent collections room into the society of illustrators' hall of fame gallery (in the dining room). i was completely art-twitterpated.

this was illustrated by n.c. wyeth, who was trained by howard pyle, who is known as the father of American illustration.

i'm so glad i took both of bethanne's 'history of American illustration' classes before my society internship. i feel really grateful that i was able to more fully appreciate all the amazing art by which i found myself surrounded.

hopefully i'll be able to expound on that later. unfortunately, you'll never know til you see it. ;)


Murphy said...

Isn't art just amazingly important? I didn't really realize the large effect that it has on our culture and community, until I went to a place that was much more artistically sparse. The places where art is tend to live, they feel different. Don't they?

--jeff * said...

i've never heard of either of those illustrators. but i think the piece looks pretty good, especially the lighting.

but i love that it was so seriously awesome for you. kind of like the time that i met robert yeoman at the sundance film festival. i don't think most people there even knew who he was. but i did, and it was most excellent.

and i'm stoked that you had that opportunity and that you soaked it up. : )

K said...

Adore Wyeth. Devoted to Howard. I have fairy tale books illustrated by them. That you got to hold an original in your hands? Remind me to cow-tow before you next time we meet. Envy envy envy

Ellis said...

I love that piece! One of my favorite Wyeth pictures. Jealous (and that's one of my favorite words. Not to be, just to write. I mean look at all those vowels :) ).