oh, twicia.

since i've been back from new york, i've been doing a lot with one of my very best friends, tricia. the reason?

she got married on saturday. i took their engagement picutures and designed their wedding invitations. it was lots of work, and lots of fun!

here's what she and her boy logan look like when they're together.

...and i couldn't be happier for them. {by the way, their engagements were such a blast to shoot! probably because tricia and i are pretty much the same person, so we ride the same wavelength. in so many ways.}

her reception was friday, july 31, and the next morning she and her man got married in the salt lake l.d.s. temple at approximately ten a.m. i was her maid of honor, photographer, and best friend. so, i felt honored and happy to be a part of it! both their families helped out with everything at the reception: her mom did all the flowers, his sister did the cake, her dad and a brother did the food (and it was a meal!), his mom was there to help direct, her brothers helped set up, his groomsmen helped set up...regardless of the chaos that always occurs during wedding times, it was a wonderful two days.

i haven't edited all their pictures yet, but the reception had lotsa dancing, so....

if you won't tell her i showed you, i won't. jus' sayin.


K said...

Kwistin - you did LOVELY. Better than I could have done by 5,432,872 times. Skins tones - love. Wall with delicate curves, reflected by the line between lovers - adored. Starkness, with playful overtones - delicious. Love - everywhere evident. You did her proud, and she deserves that; one of the sweetest girls I know. The first time I ever met her was the night she brought the things from Paris to give to Murphy. I never understood why she did it - but it's just her, isn't it?

Wonderful, that you could be part of someone's life, all that intertwined. Maybe when you settle down, I can take some shots of you. Just for fun.

--jeff * said...

ok, we need to talk.
now that i kind of know the very basics of elementary photoshop in simple terms, i am interested in hearing about your work on these shots.
because i seriously love the design, style, composition (and i know that none of that awesomeness is affect by photoshop) and look (augmented by the aforementioned adobe product) of numbers 3 and the last one.

so, chocolate...

Zachary said...

kristin, you are such an amazing photographer. I love these pictures so much. It was so much fun to follow you around and watch you shoot all of these. Yet another one of your amazing talents.

I love following you around and seeing you work. It's so much fun. Then seeing the final product of your hard work is even better. I hope you know how amazing you are and how well these pictures turned out. Your best friend, tricia, couldn't have asked for any more. Simply awesome you are. :)

Trevor said...

These are amazing. You were really good before but I guess I haven't seen much of your work in a while. Keep it up!