great expectations

it's been many weeks since i've posted. i guess you can tell that school has started.

i was going to do a highlights list, but i lack the time. this has been a wonderful, crazy week with lots of tender mercies associated.

and as the culminating factor, lds general conference is today! i'm looking forward to finding peace, renewal, and determination to get through all my trials (as well as the good, but very stressful stuff). i can't wait to hear our church leaders who have been guided to direct us.

if anyone feels like they need some hope, encouragement, or direction...this is the place you'll find it! conference is today (saturday) and tomorrow (sunday) from 10 am-noon and 2-4pm MDT, live from salt lake city, but also online and on t.v.

oh, man, it'll be good.


Anonymous said...

no comment really, just "like"

K said...

Conference is always the highlight of the season for me. The most peaceful days. Like taking a sweet nap in the middle of life - except that its energizing and the dreams are SOOO good.

Jess said...

I agree with Laura...except "love"