one blog post from october. one. pathetic. this post was written oct 6, if that helps anything.

i feel like my next several posts are going to be very scattered in both content and time-frame for these reasons:

1. i have a lot to catch up on my blog. including my last year's art classes and new york. both very broad subjects. oh, and i just realized soon i'll have this semester's art classes to talk about, too....

2. i am very busy right now (averaging less than 8 hours of total "free time" during the week days, in which i have to eat, run errands, go to meetings and do all my homework. my saturdays are filling up, as well, with story meetings, BYUIA meetings, and painting. and that homework stuff i hear about all the time.)

3. ...this is a third bullet point because lists usually look better with at least three things. so, refer to #1 and #2. they are more than adequate. promise.


i will post what i can, when i can. today, i just wanted to say that i really love painting and drawing outside. i have a plein air class with dave mcclellen and a sketchbook class with bethanne andersen. so, plein air: painting outside. sketchbook: drawing at different locations every class period.

during plein air yesterday, we painted clouds. i'll post those later. during the cloud painting, i saw an adorable little caterpillar crossing the road. yeah. caterpillar. i'm not usually a bug person, but it was just so. stinking. cute. loooook!

thanks to keri for the great pictures!

we named him bear. bear the caterpillar.

and it was my favorite plein air class so far, since we chose a central location where we were all there together. good conversation, lots of laughter, and sweet paintings were had by all. the morning had a super moody temperament, so the clouds were extra epic.

also, yesterday at sketchbook we went to the bean museum to draw insects. yeah. gross, right? however, i was surprised how much i really enjoyed myself. for about two hours, i listened to my music and drew insects. i was in my own little world and i thought it was rad. here you go.

ps. bear ran off, and i want a fuzzy pet caterpillar. jus' sayin.

pps. check him out, one more time.

wouldn't you want one, too?


Kerry Jane said...

Love your drawings!

--jeff * said...

first: if bear the caterpillar had a facebook page, i'd be a fan of it. i don't really recall ever seeing caterpillars in utah, much less a sweet and awesome fuzzy one like bear. maybe he's a like a japanese spirit-god, a muse to the artists, appearing only on rare occasions.
if that's the case, i'm glad that you got to take his picture.

second: your sketchbook rocks my socks. really, i dig. that your drawings are so clean and tight further impresses me. that's something i need to work on with mine. although i think i need some better pencils, too.
thank you for sharing those.

third: i like that you think lists should have at least three points.

Kaylie said...

Great insect drawings! Insects are fascinating!

Michael Mercer said...

Interesting...Karen and I had some pics of a caterpillar too...I should probably share them somehow someday...but ours was prettier I'm sorry to say. Not to diss mr. bear

Josh said...

It has been FAAAAaaaaaaarrrrrr too long since you blogged Honey. I'm glad you're back, even if it is starting with bugs. ;)

M.R. Weaver said...

And: I LOVE THAT CATERPILLAR, that is a RAD freakin' caterpillar ok. I am JELIS. (Yes. that's right. JELIS.)

And I miss your face, Kwisten.