december 1: snow!

it was beautiful today! we weren't able to paint for our 8am plien air painting class, but we did walk around campus and dave instructed and directed us on how to paint snow, as well as pointed out some way cool observations about snow and atmosphere. this is the stuff i love learning, because it incorporates the use of the left side of my brain (which i dearly miss at times!).

it was too--meh--to paint well today, but excellent for photography. i brought my camera to take reference photos, but ended up taking pictures of my classmates as well because the lighting was so pretty! so...enjoy these chilly morning pictures (unedited - no time!) while i finish my gratitude list and try not to fret about my overload of final projects. :)

it's fun to take pictures of pretty classmates/friends. :) my classmates and professors have been one of my favorite things about this year. i'll sure be sad to see some of them leave.

i may or may not post surprisingly soon.


Josh said...

Golly... I wish I were talented with the camera. I never have learned that art form. So beautiful.

So, is your HFAC friend totally in love with you now? ;)

--jeff * said...


it's nice to see that it's winter somewhere... : )

Ellis said...

I enjoyed these pics

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

im not looking forward to going home to salt lake and being in the freezing cold !! burr ! but it is beautiful! and wonderful for taking pictures in.

Murphy said...

Wow, cool photos and nice theme!
classy :)