don't look back

i just got off the phone after a really good conversation with a friend of mine. we talked about change, growth, work, faith and repentance. pretty much the full spectrum.

after our conversation, i went to check something on the internet. nothing would work, however, and it was a bit frustrating. miraculously, one of the church websites worked. the first thing i saw on the page was the following video:

that, coupled with the conversation, gave me a completely renewed sense of hope, comfort, love, peace and excitement for the future!

i think many of us [*slow hand raise*] are afraid of change. we like getting into our comfort zones; we like being where we are at. because even if where we're at isn't the best place, we are comfortable with it. however, like one of the guys in that video said, sometimes "[we] didn't even give it any consideration that the future could be better than the past."


Jennifer said...

This is so interesting! I just found this video today when I was having a hard time. It was also exactly what I needed. :) I haven't commented yet but I do read your blog and I love it! I've always looked up to you so much and I like seeing what you're up to. You're always doing something crazy and fun.

This is Jennie Stevens (Peterson), by the way. Silly Blogger doesn't let you know that by the comment name.

Jefe said...

Change is AMAZING. A LOT was force on me this last year, and most of it came from less than desired experiences, but in the end everything has come out for the best. Now, i'm thinking things have to change again so I can continue progressing. Change is what makes the world spin, and progression to keep on keepin on!

Zachary said...

That was a really good video. Thanks for sharing Kristin. I, too, was really struck by the part when the young man said that "she [Lot's wife] didn't even consider that her future could be better than her past." Change is a scary thing, but I believe that if we approach change with hope and faith in our Heavenly Father and trust Him that He will not lead us astray, we will be headed to a place that is better than where we are now.

As with everything in life, change comes with lots of obstacles and ups and downs. Another thing that struck me in the video were the simple words, "forgive and forget." I find it easy to ask forgiveness and to apologize for something, however, the forgetting part isn't that simple. The forgetting part is where we know we have changed and it is now time to move on to the future. If we keep remembering what we did, we can't move on to what we can do. We tie ourselves down and stop our progression. Thanks again for sharing.

Brooke said...

Wow. Something tells me that I needed this post! Thanks chicka and if I haven't told you lately, I think you are super awesome!! ;)

Murphy said...

Yes, awesome, I think we all can fall into the habit of spending lots of time worrying about what we have or haven't done instead of working with what we can do. Good find Kristin!