mix tape

saturday night, i sent a text to a very ploxy friend asking to help me find good lyrics to express how i feel in general right now. it's kind of like a roller coaster in my head. we searched for a while, but i couldn't find any one song to capture it. while i still forage for the perfect song, here are ten that at least have parts of truth (whether it be in lyrics or just the mood) akin to a thought or two in my head. they are in no particular order:

1) hey jude -- the beatles
2) extraordinary machine -- fiona apple
3) eet -- regina spektor
6) soldier -- ingrid michealson
4) sheep go to heaven -- cake
5) keep breathing -- ingrid michaelson
8) dog days are over -- florence and the machine
7) marching on -- one republic
9) everything's not lost -- coldplay
10) sleep -- eric whitacre

it's only numbered so it looks more like a list.

what's on your life-theme song (or song list) right now?

as an unrelated side-note, i hope that the recent lack of comments isn't because i've somehow alienated you, my wonderful readers. i don't hate comments. just so you know.

also...if i make it through this week successfully, it will be a miracle. but i believe in miracles....


Michael Mercer said...

So i looked up "ploxy"...I don't think it's a word...I think maybe your friends get alienated because you call them ploxy. It could either mean that they are really foxy, but placid, or really plocky, but oxy. I mean, who really wants to be a plocky, placid foxy oxy? :)

--jeff * said...

actually ended up making a playlist (to be burnt to a cd and mailed off to a friend) on saturday night and have been enjoying said playlist myself recently.

i think she+him's "vol. 1" has been my current theme album since i bought it last week and i'm ok with that.

if i had to choose one song for the moment, though, i think i'd go with "more by times" by the presidents of the u.s.a.

Mark A. said...

Hmmm... Life theme song? I think I wrote a paper on this back in high school, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I think "Give Said the Little Stream" would be one that I hope to pattern my life after.

Sidney said...

There are so many songs I think I could list :) but I think the correct one for this moment is Marry Me by Train.

L0thar said...

"What's a Guy Gotta Do" by Joe Nichols. Seriously. ;)

KK said...

I know like 6 songs on this playlist and love them. I will just have to check out the rest because I'm sure I will love them too. My life theme song? Hmm, I'll have to think about that one.

AudyCamp said...

don't worry...comments these days just seem to have disappeared as I have also noticed. :)
I linked up to your "tabernacle-burning" post in my last blog post cuz I loved reading your thoughts. hope that's okay. ♥ ya

Barbaloot said...

I feel like I should know the perfect song for you...and yet I can't think of one. I don't know one for me either, if that helps.

I'm glad you came to girl's night. I'm glad I'm in your ward. I think you're awesome.