dear 2011: let's be awesome together, shall we?

talisa and i have been wonderful friends since we were...what...five? six years old, perhaps?

i love her parties. they're kinda like high school reunions...but good ones. i find that i get to re-meet people i was never really friends with back in the day and start new friendships, or just reconnect. kinda cool. we rang in 2011 like this:

tasty food + games + conversation
counting down (watching the times square ball on TV)
epic dance after-party as the company dwindled
...til 2:30am
it was nice to just get away and let myself relax a bit. my holiday is almost over, and i think i forgot to relax during the break. no, let me amend that -- i tried to relax when i could, yet knew i would need to get a lot things done. it has been decently productive and i'm still not ready for school, but i'll take my little sanity breaks whenever i can. last night's came in the form of singing and dancing unabashedly to random old songs i'd either forgotten about, remembered and promptly interpretive danced to, or learned for the first time. we ended the night with one of the best songs ever. pretty fabulous.

it's a good feeling, to be around people who invite me so freely to just be myself, regardless of the "self" i feel like being.
i also made some resolutions. 2010 was fantastic, but i'm determined that 2011 will be even better.

thanks to steve vistuanet for the photos! 
ps, i got an a-line hair cut a few weeks ago! forgot to tell you....

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--jeff * said...

i whole-heartedly approve of your new year's eve soundtrack. : ) had i been there, i would have danced with you.

but more than that, i approve of your closing line (well, one that was near the end), of being with people who let you be yourself, irregardless of the self you feel like being.

bring on 2011.
with chocolate.