byu illustrators' showcase!

{editor's note: thank you for all the comments on the music post and other posts! i'll let you in on a little secret: i love your comments. don't tell. but i do. it means a lot that you like something enough to say something about it. coo'. coo.}

i've been oh-so-very busy this semester (i know, surprising, right?). this year has been perhaps harder and busier than my other college years.

either way, as president of the byu illustrators' association, i have been able to do some really neat things. one of which is to be in charge of the annual byu illustrators' student showcase...and tonight is the opening reception!! live bands, food, art...if you're in utah county, please come and support. it'll be a good time. i promise.

{fabulous poster created by THE colt bowden}

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--jeff * said...

seriously dang poster. : )

i wish much awesomeness upon you and the showcase.