won't tell anybody

oh my, i just saw this video and it's so pretty! it rings a lot of my artistic senses with aesthetic contentment. makes me want to travel to the east again and to go shoot with old film cameras. also makes me excited to paint, which is nice considering recent circumstances....

i need more stuff like this in my life.

as a side note, this is also one of my newest obsessions to play on my guitar for no reason other than it is-- so. fun. to play. the chords are easy, but it's satisfyingly difficult to syncopate singing with guitar-ing in ingrid's music.

however, i tend to play it best when my 7-yr old niece is singing along while playing percussion on her homemade instruments.


--jeff * said...

seriously dang.

maybe i should look into ingrid. after all, you got me interested in regina (although i'll still to tmbg for concerts....)

really good song.
like, i really liked it.
and may or may not be downloading as i type this.
(actually, i kind of have a bit of an apprehension towards ingrid, but it's not her fault)

and that is most definitely a kristin video, with the big city and the faded film and the whole idea of romance kept very close to your heart.

much like.

one more reason why i'm glad you blog.

Heather Tolley said...

I love this song. Thanks for sharing the video.

Natalie & Ben said...

it was so great to see you today. maybe i'll swing by the HFAC more often... then again, i just had a singing person flashback...

maybe not.. ;) jk. love ya.