everything's fine

if i had posted last night, it would have been a super emotionally-charged, potentially angsty post, for various reasons.

which is why i'm glad i'm posting today, because of this:

just happy.
it's the lunch i just ate. i got the tamales from this lovely lady and the lemonade (which was almost gone by the time i got home because it was tasty and i was thirsty) from three wee entrepreneurs on the side of the road.

the tamale lady was gracious as always and it makes me happy when i see other cars stop to buy from her as well. it's such a privilege to be involved in such a pleasant situation. a minute or so after i got back into my car, i saw the three kiddos with a legitimate lemonade stand. as a direct result of the tamale lady, i was already smiling, and they made it wider.

they were very polite and their lemonade stand was very organized. one complimented me with, "you're looking fantastic today!" as if we were old friends, and another made sure to bring her pet turtle to my window after i'd gotten into the car to say goodbye. pet turtles mustn't be neglected, you see.

needless to say, i'm substantially happier now that i have acquired lunch from these fine people.


--jeff * said...

i think the moral of this experience is exactly what you said: pet turtles mustn't be neglected.

other than that, i wholly agree with you; tomales are absolutely wonderful and love that you continue to support the lady who has unknowingly supported you in times past.

and i just love that you "buy local" from the little girls lemonade stands.
that's just dang awesome.


Jenny said...

Love the post! Love the tamale lady :) Love the kids on the corner who are out sharing the joy of earning a living as a child :) Love that this made you smile and brightened your day :) Love that your shared it to remind me and all of us of the simple joys in life and the tiny tender mercies that really aren't so tiny to brighten our day :) I am glad you took the time to enjoy this. Love you!