twenty-four firsts

so a few months back, i turned 24. i [unofficially] decided to do 24 things i've never done before. i wanted it to be enjoyable and growth-promoting, rather than stressful, so i didn't pre-determine the list. instead, when faced with a choice, i just consciously made the decision based off of what i hadn't done before. so it pushed me out of my comfort zone, but wasn't as much pressure as a checklist.

here are my (favorite) "first" 24 things i'd never done before that i've done since my birthday:
  1. ate at stan's diner
  2. got an asymmetrical haircut
  3. made a fake band and sang some duets at an open mic night at a real concert venue (and completely bombed it)
  4. finally slept in the memorial room in the wilk
  5. watched the video of said concert from #3 (which took just as much courage as it did to perform in the first place, and way more humility)
  6. was interviewed for BYU TV
  7. sang a solo and duet at the next week's open mic (and rocked it...at least better than the first time)
  8. swam one whole lap freestyle without stopping (you have no idea: this is SO pathetic, but a big accomplishment considering how sick i was this semester. i had virtually no endurance)
  9. aced the last test i will ever take in the testing center (which was actually ridiculously easy, but i'll count it)
  10. lay on a nice spot of grass and watched the moody sky change, while bubbles (yes, bubbles) floated past, while listening to super cathartic music
  11. finally went to mountain west burrito (and ate an entire burrito in one sitting, thankyouverymuch)
  12. participated in the TOMS day without shoes event
  13. went to wal-mart at 2 am. and tried on boxes. yeah, you heard me.
  14. attended the holi festival of colors (and it hailed!)
  15. went to sushi at sakura
  16. 113 mph on a bullet bike (i was the passenger) :) (don't have a photo of the bike, so pictured below are the biking jackets, and also the beautiful lake that was found and admired, mid-ride. 'nuff to stop and stare for a while.)
  17. switched phone companies (after going back SIX times to my provider with problems with my new phone...hello, verizon! please be good to me....)
  18. got a 4.0 GPA. ...first time EVER since high school. this was my last semester, and my easiest, but i'm still really proud of it.
  19. created a successful SOLO art show!
  20. went on a self-date in my hometown. which is something i often did in NY, but i can't recall doing it here.
  21. went camping with a huge group of friends. until now, we've never really gotten a good-sized group together to camp.
  22. shot arrows with a bow!
  23. bought my very own dslr camera and lens (with help from dad as part of my i'll-eventually-graduate-college gift), as well as cs6
  24. applied for a u.s. passport.... :)
big things, little things, ALL THE THINGS! i really like doing this; i'm going to make it a habit. why not, right? below are some of the things. in relative order.

what have you recently done for the first time? or things you will do?!  


Mariah Overlock said...

I love numero 22. I'm pretty sure I have a picture of that somewhere...

Jenny said...

Love it! Thanks for your example and way to get out of your comfort zone and do awesome stuff! You are my hero! Hopefully I can follow your example.

--jeff * said...

i think what i love most about this is the idea of not making a list, but rather finding yourself faced with a new (and intimidating?) decision and taking the one you haven't done before.

oh, and i especially love numbers 1, 3, 7-9, and 12.

i like how #2 looks on your and am especially grateful that #17 has been resolved.
i'm sorry that i missed #19 and am jealous of #23 and am thrilled about #24.

Eric said...

Love the pictures!

Marcindra LaPriel said...

Remember that one time you were really awesome?

Oh yeah. That was all the time

Samantha said...

I love it!! Especially the swimming a lap of freestyle! You are queen of your swimming class :) You totally rock, even if/when you bomb a concert. I don't have that courage. GO YOU!