greetings from venice

it was probably very unfair that i ask you all this advice for italy and then don't even say thank you or tell you about it! bottom line? 1. thank you. SO much! and 2. i got here. about a week ago, actually.

i have loved it! just wanted to stop by and check in. i doubt i'll get to blog any more while i'm here (maybe) but i'll definitely catch up (maybe i'll cheat and post-date stuff) when i get back to the states. til then, here's a photo from earlier tonight:
don't worry about it. i'm just chilling on a bridge in venice, thus proving i'm in italy.
silly, i know. anyway. thanks for being awesome, dear reader friend. now excuse me, while i run to sneak some food into our [totally amazing palace-looking venetian yet in the middle of the legitimate ghetto] hotel room.


--jeff * said...

well-said on that closing line there. ; )

more than i'm jealous that you're in dang italy, i think i'm jealous that your brother is getting to take pictures of you instead of me.
just... you know.

but it looks like he's doing a pretty solid job. (still... you + europe? they say that 90% of good cinematography is good art direction, so, really....)

thanks for checking in with us, here. we readers are excited to hear your tales, where'er they be told.

savor it some for me.


Happy Tabby said...

If you go to Rome, you should go see The Keyhole of the Knights of Malta. I heard it's amazing!