who needs a throne of comfort anyway

first item of business: my show opening was a success. i was so grateful. eventually i will have pictures to share and stories to tell. and today is the last day that it will be up; i have to remove it tomorrow.

secondly, a poorly written but very sincere thought from about five minutes ago:

have you ever done something that took a lot out of you --a lot of emotionally vulnerability-- and to your hesitant relief, the results turned out just fine?

and so you went a little further along your path, treading lightly and playing it safe,
but then the smallest thing just pulls the rug out from under you?

and you feel like you toppled off of your great red cushy throne of comfort that you worked so desperately hard to climb up into. and now you're temporarily scared to do the tiniest of vulnerable things?

cuz that's how i'm feeling right now.
and i can't even put my finger on why, exactly.

it's not a big deal,
but i don't like the feeling.
it'll pass.
perhaps it is a temporary vulnerablilty hangover.

in the meantime, how do you get out of this?


keviN said...

my thoughts:
i've heard the idea that creativity is like a muscle, and should be exercised every day.... which is cool.

however. i'm slowly discovering that just DOING THINGS is a muscle that should be exercised every day.

muscles get tired, get soar, get whatevered.. still gotta use 'em to some degree, and i hear it's good to exercise different groups at different times.

apply that to vulnerability, and high-fives on me. haha..

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Your blog is AMAZING!!! I like the introspection that you show.