sweat, blood, tears and my artist statement

i sent an email for a friend to edit my artist statement this morning. 

the subject line was the same as the title of this post and it started like this:
my eyes are bloodshot and puffy.
my lips are chapped, and along with my knuckles, they are bleeding. 
i have some massive bruises from sleeping on the hard studio floor. my head has a continual dull pounding and my body is aching. 
i'm gonna look like i've been beat up at my show.
or beat up by my show.
but i'm almost there.
and it's been worth it.
so here is my artist statement...
steph took this  (pink hair for halloween!)
and blah blah blah.

it has been worth it. every bit of it.

my reception is in an hour and we'll see how everyone else likes it. i hope it resonates with people and i hope they can derive some sort of hope or comfort in the understanding that they aren't alone in dealing with hard things. i hope it brings unity? or determination?

i hope lots of things.
but all i can do is make sure i've done the best i can.

and i am really proud of it.
i know i could probably do better,
but i did the best i could.

so yes. i'm really proud of what i have.

and you can come see for yourself if you'd like. :) here is the post about it with details.


JandB said...

I wish I could see it, but we are out of state. Could you post pictures sometime?

--jeff * said...

dang that picture is boss.

thank you for taking time to share some of your thoughts and uncertainties about it an hour before it all happened.

from what i've gathered, it sounds like the show's opening reception was a smashing success.