[starting mid-yesterday]

dear bfa paper: not to make everything else jealous, but you will be the best part about this post.

dear audiobook about the pythagorean theorem: it's been, uh, riveting. quality controlling you. but let's not stay up til 3 am anymore, mmm?

dear nosebleed: that was cute of you to stop by. you know. RIGHT when i was going to bed after saying goodnight to audiobook.

[this morning]

dear nosebleed: oh! hi again. thanks for greeting me this morning; you must've known i was probably gon' feel lonely. but maybe you could send, like, flowers or a cute boy to greet me in the future? so you can, you know, sleep in or take a day off or something.

dear headache: ah. i see you're with nosebleed.

(dear sleep: i thought we had a deal!)

dear only clean contact container: that little ski-jump in the sink and flipping in the air thingy was pretty talented. +10 points for landing directly into the toilet (i couldn'ta made you do that if i tried).

dear today: um, it's 9:36 and it's been great so far but is there maybe like a re-start button or something that i could hit? ya know. just for kicks.

dear audiobook: ......and so. we meet again.

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--jeff * said...

an audiobook about the pythagorean theorem?? wow. that sounds about as dull as you said it was.

on the other side, your only clean contact container's aerial work is really impressive. i have no doubt it was frustrating at the time, but all i can think now is, dang, that's awesome.

just the same, i hope today provides less to write about. ; )