questions i ask at 1:26am

dear brilliant ideas,
how's about you stop coming to me ONLY after 1 in the morning, hmmmmm?

dear this week,
how about we command + D you, so it's like the time of 14 days for the price of 7?

dear after effects,
why have we not been better friends before now?! we could have been making some beautiful stuff long ago, and now it's crunch time.

dear adobe,
if you would let me download the 30-day trial of after effects, i'd kiss you. but you're not. so i'mma punch you in the face. why are you choosing this option?

dear 2013,
you caught me off guard there, so i am hereby re-starting beginning this month of february. cool? thought so.

dear february,
oh, you already started? well. i'm re-starting you on like the 13th. thanks.

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