shoot for the moon and hit the stars

looking back, 2012 was better than i ever could have imagined, but in ways that i didn't imagine.

remember this post? (if you don't, check it out. go ahead, i'll wait...)



i'm so happy (and astonished) to announce that in 2012, i accomplished *most* of the things on that list.

when i wrote the 2012 list, i left open spaces so that through the year, i could add goals to those spaces as i thought of them or as opportunities arose. it's amazing what happens when you give yourself some room to dream. here's what my list ended up looking like:

i accomplished most everything in the "to do" section, except for learn a legit dance routine (i started to learn party rock anthem but never finished; alas, a goal for the new year...). and i also didn't exercise daily or do anonymous acts of kindness consistently. BUT, writing those down made me do them more often than i would have. i didn't leave my comfort zone once per week, but i daresay i certainly left it more often this year than i ever have before. and i'm pleased with my accomplishments.

the things i wrote down in the "to be" section were more challenging, but i worked really hard on them. they're not checklist items, and it's always good to focus on certain areas of life at different times.

the bottom part was meant to be motivational....and it really was!

and as for my dear friend who challenged us to make these goals in the first place? britta? yeah.

this was how she ended her year:

photo by steven freeland
she's the one in the wedding dress. :) i dunno if this was on her list or not but....bottom line? don't be afraid to dream.

dieter f. uchtdorf's reminds us of this in a great way:

i am still making my 2013 resolutions. a little late, i know, but better late than never. feel free to leave some of your resolutions or victories in the comments if you'd like to share. i'd love to hear them. :)

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Anonymous said...

homes. im so proud of your insight and wisdom that far exceeds your years. you are the best of the brood. love you.